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Cadillac V-Performance Academy joins free driving school party (0)

Straight in case you needed another reason to be one of Cadillac’s hottest performers, starting with the 2017 Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V, the beginning owner of each vehicle can score

Cadillac president reveals XTS sedan refresh, flagship vehicle plans (0)

Update: The more recent paragraphed has been changed from the master text to make it clear that de Nysschen, not Autoblog, claimed the communiqu by The Detroit Bureau is inaccurate.

The 2016 Pebble Beach Concept Lawn was nuts as always (0)

The Concept Greensward at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is like the smallest, most extravagant car show you can imagine. A bunch of unobtanium concepts and virtually-production models line an

Cadillac is bringing a new concept to Pebble Beach (0)

Cadillac resolve debut a new concept Thursday in Monterey. The gathering also released teaser video, but it not shows us a few glimpses of interior parts and a concept plan

The Beast 2.0: What the 2016 presidential election winner will ride in (0)

The widespread presidential limousine, which is referred to as “The Savage,” will be altered for the next President of the Synergistic States. Our photographers managed to capture the carrier testing.

Chip Foose is bringing life to a Cadillac sketch from 1935 (0)

Community Motors, automotive home of Harley Earl, was a ground-breaker in the early days of car design. But for as many lifeless concept cars and even production cars as the

2017 North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year entries announced (0)

During the course of 40 vehicles will compete for the 2017 North American Car, Stock, and Utility of the Year awards. If that high regard looks a little strange, it’s

Lyft and Ghostbusters want to take you for a ride in Ecto 1 (0)

Scrap of the fun of using a service like Lyft is that you under no circumstances know exactly what kind of car purpose pick you up. And if you’re in

What if the mid-engine Corvette is really a Cadillac? (0)

Name me crazy, but I’m not convinced the mid-engine Corvette is the next Corvette. The rumor is stout, yes. And, contrary to some of the comments on our site, Car

Cadillac drops the base engine in the 2017 ATS (0)

Cadillac, in an creation to boost sales of the slow moving ATS, is making some changes to the 2017 facsimile. Most notably, the luxury manufacturer is dropping the starting-point 2.5-liter