Chip Foose is bringing life to a Cadillac sketch from 1935

Chip Foose is bringing life to a Cadillac sketch from 1935

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Community Motors, automotive home of Harley Earl, was a ground-breaker in the early days of car design. But for as many lifeless concept cars and even production cars as the fellowship’s studio created, there were noiseless many that never got off the paper. Token Foose is working to change the fate of one of those designs.

According to Foose Devise, Chip Foose’s latest project is based on a sketch from 1935. Car jobber Wes Rydell and his wife Vivian commissioned a trade Cadillac coupe that was sketched out by GM draughtsman Art Ross. It would take an existing Cadillac sedan, down it, lower it and give it a removable hardtop. The sketch is as far as the project got.

Now Chip Foose is working on realizing the lay out in real life using a 1939 Cadillac Series 60 Sedan. He plans to tread the initial design brief, but with his own sui generis touches. He has also named the project “Madam X” in honor of what Harley Earl would term client projects. It is scheduled to be finished and cheerful for unveiling at the end of the summer.

Foose is a well-known conspirator who has won some of America’s most prestigious particularly car awards such as the Ridler Award and designed vehicles for the TV manifest Overhaulin’. The final product should be totally a striking machine. You can see how it’s coming along, as correctly as Foose’s sketch of what the car will at the end of the day look like, in the gallery above.


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