Cadillac drops the base engine in the 2017 ATS

Cadillac drops the base engine in the 2017 ATS

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Cadillac, in an creation to boost sales of the slow moving ATS, is making some changes to the 2017 facsimile. Most notably, the luxury manufacturer is dropping the starting-point 2.5-liter normally-aspirated four-cylinder motor from the lineup, leaving the 272 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four as the theme engine.

The base 2.0-liter ATS liking start at $35,590, $1,380 more than the 2016 paragon, though that’s partially offset by more type equipment. The base model now comes measure with Cadillac’s controversial CUE infotainment modus operandi with an 8-inch touchscreen display, a Bose ambiance-sound speaker system, and a backup camera. Consideration the bump in price for the base model, all other ATS crisp levels will see prices reduced between $650 and $1,100, depending on the representation.

The ATS was designed to be Cadillac’s answer to the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Bea. Though the ATS was originally released at a time where the Germans were diet off their game, it’s never quite matched up in terms of effectuation or customer perception posting disappointing sales figures compared to the struggle.

Cadillac has had problems getting customers into cars, and few ATS customers are converts from extravagance competition. In order to offload inventory and allure in new customers, the company has previously been studied to offer big lease deals. Many of these customers from come over from more mainstream brands like Chevrolet and Ford.

ATS sales secure fallen 23 percent through May versus 2015. The car’s call share has fallen every year since 2013, currently occupying well-founde 4.5 percent of the compact luxury peddle. Unless Cadillac can offer some definitely amazing deals, we don’t expect many shoppers to buy American over the strong German competition.


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