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Woman thwarts car thieves by jumping on hood (0)

When a number of car thieves tried to steal a Milwaukee-area woman’s car at a gas station, she didn’t run for lend a hand. Oh no. She hulked out, jumped

President Trump’s new limo spotted testing at high speed (0)

What you’re looking at is no expected limo. Look past the swirly camouflage and you’ll see what appears to be a Cadillac, but don’t let those looks moron you. This

Crowd lifts Cadillac to free pedestrian after two vehicles barrel toward him (0)

An senile Missourian is lucky to be alive today after a car that had pinned him to the ground was lifted off him by witnesses. According to WDAF, Orlando Upper

Chinese-made Cadillac CT6 Plug-In starts US sales (0)

Shared Motors has started US sales of the Cadillac CT6 Plug-In after taking its first domesticated deliveries of the China-produced sedan last month. The model is GM’s first new cavendish-in

Super Cruise will make 2018 Cadillac CT6 semi-autonomous (0)

Ordinary Motors has been working on its semi-autonomous driving system for years. Called Wonderful Cruise, it had initially been slated for a fall 2016 debut. Of course, something as momentous

Spy photos show Trump’s new Cadillac-badged rolling fortress (0)

Situation on the new presidential limo, oh-so appropriately nicknamed The Beast, is moving along at a GM proving land. We got a brief glimpse of the Cadillac-badged rolling testament to

The syrupy sweet tale of the Pink Cadillac Margarita (0)

In our final installment of the irregular and irreverent series on drinks loosely connected to – or named after – automobiles, we sipped a Hackney cocktail, which in its original

GM announces net 220 job increase as Trump visits Michigan (0)

GM announced today that approximately 900 jobs would be added (or, importantly, retained) ahead of President Trump’s migrant in Michigan, where he is expected to discuss his plan to roll

Cadillac introducing V2V communications on 2017 CTS sedans (0)

While Audi has introduced instrument-to-infrastructure technology in select cars in select cities, Cadillac is focusing on mechanism-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, and it all starts with the CTS sedan. Starting this month,

The new presidential limo is almost ready and way bigger than a Suburban (0)

If you’re close with the current presidential limo, which is nicknamed The Beast, you know it’s based on a mid-duty truck platform. This new one, shown in aerial spy photos,