Bugatti has no plans for a 1,500-hp Chiron roadster

Bugatti has no plans for a 1,500-hp Chiron roadster

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Automakers non-standard like to create variations of variations of variations. That’s how we end up with vehicles like the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, which is consummately not a slightly worked over M5 with a wider portion. Many manufacturers seem to have charmed Field of Dreams to heart, so it comes as a bit of a knock someone for six that Bugatti said there last wishes as be no roadster version of the upcoming 1,500-horsepower Chiron.

Speaking to Autocar, Bugatti provisions member Dr. Stefan Brungs said that the Veyron successor would no greater than come as a coupe. That’s a change of judge from the Veyron, which came in unsealed-top Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse versions. All in all, Bugatti sold a utter of 450 Veyrons over a ten-year lifespan, a third of which were targa-roofed August Sports.

Dr. Brungs didn’t rule out more-telling future variations of the Chiron, though the entourage is focused on selling the current 500-car patch. The Chiron’s 1,500 hp are supplied by an 8.0-liter, quad-turbocharged, mid-mounted W16. That apparatus is a heavily updated version of the 1,300-hp W16 from the a-setting Veyron Grand Sport. That car holds the ill-defined tenure of the world’s fastest production car, something Bugatti itself hopes to top with the Chiron in 2018.

The Chiron goes on trafficking soon with a base price of $2.6 million, even if options could easily push it upward of $3 million. Other hypercars, like the Ferrari LaFerrari, are coming out with public-top editions. The Porsche 918 only comes with a removable targa top. Teeth of the comments from Dr. Brungs, Bugatti is in the area of making money, so expect the company to kidding consider changing its mind.


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