Bugatti Chiron colorizer previews popular color schemes

Bugatti Chiron colorizer previews popular color schemes

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Bugatti’s new Chiron made its eat one’s heart out-awaited debut in a very traditional French Racing Vulgar. If you aren’t a fan of such a shade, though, you’ll be over the moon to hear about the new colorizer for the hypercar.

It’s restricted – the old Veyron’s setup was far more adaptable and entertaining – but with eight diverse color schemes to choose from, it at least gives us a private showing of what will almost certainly be an all-inclusive color palette. From what we can see here, there inclination be two sections of Chiron to colorize – the doors, hood, and fa fenders can be one color; The roof, rear fenders, rearmost end, sills, and lower front bumper can be another. Both sections can be finished in exposed carbon fiber, with shades ranging from red, to risqu, to black.

Other details include the wheels and control calipers, which vary based on the whole color scheme. Some cars suffer with simple silver alloys, while others get painted inserts. Caliper colors are hardly as varied as the paint on the body. And while we don’t org anything on interior color schemes, the cabins of the cars shown here switch based on the color scheme – there’s the run-of-the-mill tan, beige, black, and what looks like a gloomy brown.

You can head on over and play with the Chiron colorizer yourself. We’ve also put together a gallery showing each color order from two of the three angles.


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