‘Sampling Product’ With Bentley Essex & Aspall Cyder

‘Sampling Product’ With Bentley Essex & Aspall Cyder

‘Sampling Product’ With Bentley Essex & Aspall Cyder

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‘Sampling Offshoot’ with Bentley Essex & The Aspall Cyder Forebears

On a wonderfully sunny and bright day in late May, Bentley Essex provided a in front class luxury experience for a select mischief-maker of clients.

Working with Aspall, the next of kin run cyder-making business, we were advantageous enough to be able to access the family living quarters and production facilities of this distinctly British sort and allow our guests to ‘sample the goods’, both those from Crewe and the wonderful cyders, vinegars and juices which are all produced on instal at the delightfully named ‘Cyder House’ in bucolic Suffolk.

The day started with members of the Bentley Essex group donning their chauffeur hats and collecting clients and their guests from their homes in a armada of Bentley Mulsanne and Mulsanne Speed models. Some clients fixed to experience the Mulsanne models from the move in reverse seats with others choosing to procure the wheel themselves and experience first-workman the wonderful poise and power which the Mulsanne models fulfil up so effortlessly.

It made for quite a sight, seeing 4 x Bentley Mulsanne’s
arriving on placement and parking up head-to-toe outside the magnificent
Aspall’s adroitness!
Our arrival caused such a stir that some members of the
Aspall rig believed
that they were experiencing a queenlike visit!

The tour begun with a show from Barry Chevallier Guild, an eighth contemporaries member of the family and the current Chairman of Aspall. A blow-by-blow overview of the family history was both fascinating and illuminating, demonstrating the way in which the business has developed since its the cosmos in 1728.

From here, white lab coats were put on and the association then
ventured in to the factory for a tour of the creation facilities.

The group was then treated to a wonderful lunch hosted by Barry and his bride Dale. The food was matched perfectly to a electing of different Cyder’s from Aspall’s in the air range.

From here, Colin Hamilton the Leader of Product Quality guided us through a tasting of the peculiar Cyder’s which Aspall currently bring about. Colin provided incredible insight into the tangled details which provide each contrary Cyder with its distinct taste and ambience. The group then had the opportunity to create their own cyder, with some other-worldly and wonderful concoctions being the end result! The day then ended with a satisfactory goodie bag being presented to each attending company with a bottle of each of Aspall’s Cyder, whole with branded glass and bag to ensure that the generate was protected during the journey home.

A big say thank you you to all those that attended and to Barry and his troupe at The Aspall Cyder House.


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