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2017 Bentley Flying Spur W12 S laughs at the 200-mph barrier (0)

A 200-advantage-mile-per-hour sedan will usually be more audacious than a similarly hurried coupe. These days, cracking 200 in a lightweight two-door is basically impartial expected. But reaching that speed in

BMW makes the M4 extra special with a huge wing (0)

BMW has all of the bases covered in its lineup, extraordinarily when it comes to its 4 Series models. Don’t like prevailing to the track? There’s the BMW 430i and

A diesel V8 is the perfect engine for the Bentley Bentayga (0)

Infinite, effortless torque is something that’s so again taken for granted. Sure, horsepower figures order all the headlines, but the sensation that comes with triggered and readily available thrust is

Bentley announces first ever diesel car – the Bentayga Diesel (0)

Bentley announces basic ever diesel car – the Bentayga Diesel Bentley Motors has announced the set free of the first diesel car in the company’s history – the Bentayga Diesel.

Bentley Features at London Golf Club’s ‘Best of British’ Members Drive Event (0)

Bentley Kent returns to the London Golf Stick for the ‘Best of British’ Members Drive On Saturday 10th September The London Golf Bat members were invited to test oblige the

Dates Announced for Bentley Power on Ice 2017 (0)

Dates Announced for Bentley Power on Ice 2017 Bentley receive announced the dates for their incredible Power on Ice Peculiar World Experiencethroughout January and February 2017. During January and February

Bentley Kent attend the Brewin Dolpin Commodores Cup (0)

BENTLEY KENT Take care of THE BREWIN DOLPHIN COMMODORES CUP Christopher Nelson Bentley Kent’s Sales Expert and Marketing Manager Lucia Jenkins hosted two Bentley customers at the Commodores Cup this

Bentley Extraordinary Drives (0)

TWO UNFORGETTABLE Curious DRIVES. We wanted to inform you of two forthcoming Singular Drives which have been organised by Bentley Motors. Each one includes VIP flume day hospitality, as we

The next Bentley Mulsanne could go all-electric (0)

How divers Bentleys are sold in China, anyway?* That’s a indubitably worth asking after the company said it wishes consider switching the powertrain of its uber-luxe sedan Mulsanne to all-exciting

Bentley Gigapixel image shows the new Mulsanne’s intricate details (0)

Bentley Gigapixel representation shows the new Mulsanne’s intricate details Bentley has released a groundbreaking ‘gigapixel’ tiki of its new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase. The epic panorama photograph shows the car crossing