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The new Continental GT Supersports is the most powerful Bentley ever (0)

The Bentley Continental GT Supersports has absolutely returned after a hiatus since the 2013 model year. And in that spell, it became even meaner. The car packs a tweaked, twin-turbocharged

Latest Forza Horizon 3 car pack features a Skyline and a fast Swedish wagon (0)

The perpetual stream of Forza Horizon 3 car packs shows no signs of slowing down, and the latest Rockstar Liveliness Drink pack includes enthusiast favorites such as the R31 Skyline

New Bentley Bentayga fully revealed in Frankfurt (0)

New Bentley Bentayga fully revealed in Frankfurt Bentley’s beforehand ever SUV has been unveiled in all its glory at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Previewed by the EXP 9 F Concept

Convertible Weekend (0)

Convertible Weekend Thursday 20th April – Sunday 23rd April View the roof down experience at Bentley Kent Discover the ultimate and most alien convertibles in the world all under one

The Volkswagen Group switches official language to English (0)

The Volkswagen Troop can’t be fairly thought of as entirely German anymore, so the advice that the company is switching its official wording to English to help attract managers and

The myth and mystery of The Bentley Cocktail (0)

The other day, we were exasperating to find ways to delight a visiting pertinent who requested a cocktail made with apple brandy (don’t ask), and after poring Sometimes non-standard due

Bentley is recalling just 88 Bentaygas for loose screws (0)

The Basics: Bentley is recalling right-minded 88 2017 Bentaygas for loose screws. That may have all the hallmarks like a small number, but it’s a sizable assignment of the 378

Bentley tests next next-gen Flying Spur on Porsche Panamera Turbo body (0)

At oldest glance, the prototype in the gallery above looks like a blacked-out adaptation of the new Porsche Panamera Turbo. But this is in point of fact Bentley’s tester for

Bentley doubles down on diesels with a triple-charged Bentayga (0)

Volkswagen Band isn’t totally giving up on diesels. While its flagship VW make is clearly tarnished, the ultra-luxury Bentley partition just revealed plans for its first oil-burner, a triple-charged 4.0-liter

VW pulls Lamborghini and Bentley from the Paris Motor Show (0)

It’s been a little more than a year since the information that Volkswagen had intentionally cheated on diesel emissions testing ruined. Since then, the company’s reputation and graven image have