Yet Another Reason that SUVs Were a Smart Bet for Audi and Audi Sport

Yet Another Reason that SUVs Were a Smart Bet for Audi and Audi Sport

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These days it seems like every associate of the Volkswagen Group has a new SUV in the works. There’s the Q8 and Q4, the Bentley Bentayga, the VW Atlas and Tiguan, and coextensive with the Lamborghini Urus, to say nothing of the new SUVs coming out in non-North American brands, like Skoda and Cradle.

Yes, it’s a veritable gold rush and Audi running into it like it’s California in 1849. Why, granted, is Audi (and the rest of the motoring world) so eager to jump into the SUV market? Correctly, it’s about more than just sales.

Sales, it must be said in the past moving on though, are a big deal. It may not have escaped your notice that when you control down a residential street there’s an SUV in nearly every driveway. And yet somehow the market has shown no signs of saturation. Regardless of the wealth of lifted and vaguely off-roady vehicles in America we, apparently, want more.

And that’s engaging to automakers. But another aspect of SUV ownership that gets talked about a small less is that people drink from the SUV well tend to return to it. According to a new IHS Markit study, two-thirds of SUV and crossover owners who bought another vehicle in 2017 bought an SUV.

Consumer dependability, in fact, rose from nearly 53% in 2012 to 66% now. Whereas just about half of owners, in the wider world of cars, are loyal, two-thirds of SUV owners buy another SUV. While other segments are losing reliability—the proportion of hatchback, van, coupe, and even pickup buyers returning to the customer base is falling, although weirdly convertible customer retention is going up—SUVs contrariwise gain customers.

And one of the reasons for that trend is that customers who owned other types of vehicles are now buying SUVs. According to IHS Markit, in the prime four months of 2017 two-thirds of sedan-owners in the market for a new vehicle bought an SUV preferably of another sedan.

So for Audi, and indeed its in-house tuners Audi Sport, the transfer to SUVs makes sense not just now, but in the future, too.

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