Winkelman Says RS Qs are a Higher Priority than an R8 Performante

Winkelman Says RS Qs are a Higher Priority than an R8 Performante

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Anyone who saw the Lamborghini Huracan Performante’s Nurburgring lap recite video and became excited, not because of the incredible achievement, but because of the possibility for an R8 similar, should prepare for some disappointing news.

Asked point blank by Top Appurtenances about Audi Sport’s priorities, Stephan Winkelmann, the sub-brand’s CEO, answered that an SUV was more respected than an R8 Performante.

“Once you create a brand, you have to create a line-up,” he told Top Panoply. “We have the R8, and we will do derivatives in different directions. But we have to create a stroke-up which is more worldwide-sellable than today’s.”

And while that’s deeply unsatisfying for a variety of reasons—with some publications describing it as “selling out”—it’s also to all intents a good idea.

Winkelmann, remember, used to be at Lamborghini, a company that was in untiring financial trouble before it started selling the Gallardo, which, by the standards of the marque, was a hotcake. And that allowed the brand to make the Performante.

Now the Lamborghini is going move in reverse to that well with the Urus, which they hope will bankroll a Le Mans action and a Miura successor.

Earning money means more Audi Sport. As Winkelmann put it: “We’re a miniature manufacturer, and we have to prepare the boat to sail in safe waters.”

Safe waters also, clearly mean electrification.

“My priorities are preparing for the next decade,” said Winkelmann. “I’ve however been in the job a year. Matters like electrification and the other things […] are what are consuming one hundred per cent of my time.”

No prerequisite to worry about what made the sub-brand great, though. Winkelmann assured Top Appurtenances that the R8, the RS4, and their ilk will continue to be produced.

“We will not stop doing ‘the icons’. They are portion of what we’re all about,” said Winkelmann. “It’s not just hither numbers, it’s about emotions.”

[source: Top Gear]

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