Winemaking in the City of Love

Winemaking in the City of Love

Winemaking in the City of Love

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Winemaking in the
Municipality of Love

Thinking of Paris, two things by spring to mind; romance and wine. So what well-advised than an Audi A1 Sportback to explore the winding streets and delve deeper into winemaking information?

Though Parisians consume nearly one billion litres of wine every year, there has been no commercial opus of wine in the city since the 1960s. That doesn’t have as justification that some dedicated amateurs include been idle however, and one such winery, Les Vignerons Parisiens, not single produces large amounts of wine, but also offers winemaking courses to the communal.

Matthieu Bosser, manager and co-founder of Les Vignerons Parisiens says, ‘everywhere you revolve is Paris there’s a craft beer brewery, but no one was making wine. I couldn’t rely upon such a thing could happen in France, so I made it my purpose to bring back the know-how of winemaking to the savings.’

Another hidden gem is the Bistrot Mélac in east Paris, which tends a vine planted on the other side of 40 years ago, growing from the basement to wrap itself around the front of the erection. Entering the details into the satellite sailing system fitted in the Audi A1 Sportback Hyacinthine Edition couldn’t be simpler, and the 1.6-litre turbodiesel mechanism sprints through the Paris traffic with rapid agility.

Thanks to the traffic alerts from the discretionary sat-nav, the retractable LED display screen in the A1 navigates smoothly about black spots of Paris rush hour See trade, arriving at the location with plenty of stretch to relax with a glass of house wine.

The notable vine that wraps around the erection lends the restaurant some of its popularity, and the proprietress, Didier Madamour, throws an annual grape-picking dinner party for the locals to get involved in the process. ‘I think more people should be making their own wine,’ says Didier. ‘It breaks the monopoly of thickset winemakers, adding interesting varieties to the mix.’

So with a expansive boot filled with local wine, it is occasion to head across the channel, taking a in perfect accord part of French culture along for the take. To experience the explosive Audi A1 Sportback for yourself, tome a test drive with Jardine Motors Audi today.


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