What does Luxury Feel Like in the A6? This, Whatever this Is

What does Luxury Feel Like in the A6? This, Whatever this Is

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Descriptions are a complex thing. But that’s kind of the point of this latest set of videos from Audi that struggles with the weigh down of describing everything that the new A6 is.

Full of comfort, luxury, and technology, Audi chose to dispute Europe’s directors to show it on film.

The video above was shot by Romania’s Andrei Goaga as influence of Audi’s #RevealTheA6 campaign that called on filmmakers to create a video down the new A6 without actually showing it.

Audi then chose six directors to shoot a locality for the new car, from a pool of 120 applicants. They were selected based on the force of their film concept and were each assigned an attribute to focus on.

A jury then chose the unexcelled three films and has now released them to the internet. You can watch Bob Heinemann’s and Stjepan Marina’s submissions beneath. After you’ve watched them all, you can vote for your favorite on the Audi Facebook recto.

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