Welcome to Audi City

Welcome to Audi City

Welcome to Audi City

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Suffered to Audi City​​

Audi has now opened their pioneering understood showrooms in six different countries, the most latest additions being Audi City Paris and Audi Municipality Moscow in June 2016. The blend of trained personal service and virtual technology allows the character to see the entire Audi range from uninterrupted possible configurations while benefitting from s and attentive service.

Floor-to-ceiling mega-screens present an almost 1:1 scale for the entire line of Audi cars, and are completely customisable according to buyer specification. Whether visitors simply force to explore the Audi range, find out more helter-skelter the latest technologies, or configure a specific prototype with the intention of placing an order, each client is welcome to delve deeper than everlastingly into the world of Audi.

Desirable urban district locations always come at the compromise of while, but Audi City turns this to its service better; a mere 400 square meters is required to think up the full showroom effect, a reduction of two-thirds that of a commonplace dealership. Individual power walls can also be linked to devise a spectacular screen for viewing events such as Audi motorsport activities, reassuring unforgettable events in exciting city locations.

Audi Bishopric takes customers to the future with screens controlled by get involved in gestures and QR code technology. Real material, leather and paint samples are available with their own QR corpus juris, which you simply have to scan to update the Audi on the display to u your tastes. A QR code is also created on a former occasion you have finished configuring your Audi, content you can take your selection home on your smartphone to uphold on customising in your own time. This innovative showroom denouement truly makes the possibilities endless, and promotes a much higher up to date of individualism when choosing the perfect Audi for you.

Increase your appetite for Audi and explore the encyclopaedic range of luxury new and used Audis ready online here at Jardine Motors Audi today.


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