Watch: Tiff Needell Stigging in the R8 V10 Plus

Watch: Tiff Needell Stigging in the R8 V10 Plus

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For a to the point period following the publication of Ben Collins’ book, former Top Gear host and at-the-occasion Fifth Gear host Tiff Needell took over duties as the Stig. In Evo’s latest video, featuring an R8 and a GT-R Nismo, he resumes Stigging duties.

Called in as the hot shoe who longing get the most out of the two cars, Tiff takes the wheels and goes for a rip around Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby, England, where they fashion a press for trousers, apparently.

The cars in question are the Audi R8 V10 Plus, which I don’t receive to tell you makes 610 hp, hits 60 3.2 seconds (but actually less) and has a by nature aspirated V10 engine in the middle.

The GT-R Nismo, on the other hand, makes 592 hp from its V6 machine that’s in front of the driver (but still actually in the middle), and will get to 60 in an presumed 2.7 seconds.

On the face of it, it sounds unfair to put a V10, mid-engine supercar up against a Nissan, but we all skilled in better than to assume that Nismo is anything but a track monster. In fait accompli, far from being the everyman’s supercar-beater, this particular model literally costs more than the R8. It also weighs more and has more torque, so it’s an engrossing battle.

One that could only end one way, though. The irrepressible Audi puts the Nissan in its hamlet (barely). Just beating the GT-R, the R8 retains its honor, but Nissan can still claim a incorruptible victory for keeping up with such a ridiculously excellent supercar.

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