Watch: This Crazy Hill Climbing RS2

Watch: This Crazy Hill Climbing RS2

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The Audi RS2 was, in remembering, a very important car for Audi. The slightly strange co-production from Audi and Porsche, the weighty wagon proved that performance comes in all sizes, something that Audi continues to end up to this day.

Still, though, all cars are better on track, when they receive their innards removed. A point that Dany Kistler and his hill climbing RS2 proves admirably.

Another wild creation from Europe’s most interesting racing series, this RS2 appears to be subjected to had its interior gutted and a replaced with a roll cage.

Underneath, meanwhile, Kistler added an pushy diffuser and removed a lot of muffling, from the sounds of it.

The result is—and I know it shouldn’t be—a surprisingly-flare-on-its-feet wagon that takes off with amazing alacrity.

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