Watch: This Classic-ish Review of the R8 V10

Watch: This Classic-ish Review of the R8 V10

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Stand behind in 2009, it was hard to imagine the R8 getting any better, but Audi was convinced that with an appliance from its subsidiary, Lamborghini, and a pair of extra cylinders, people would be convinced. Not everybody under the sun was, as this classic review from Fifth Gear shows, but history would be on the V10’s side.

Bet on a support when it first came out, Fifth Gear’s Jonny Smith was impressed by the drivability and practicality of Audi’s supercar but failed to see why he should pay a £20,000 stimulus for the 5.2-liter V10 when the 4.2-liter V8 was so excellent already.

These days, most of the the world at large has come around on the V10, a feat no doubt made easier by the fact that the V8 was dropped in the generational handover. But quiet, although the V8 has its well-earned fans, the V10’s excellence makes it hard to wrangle that Audi made a mistake.

It is still fun to look back on the old review with the data of the present. Rumors of a V6 now make the debate about the V8 vs V10 seem hedonistic and the gated enchiridion transmission is a dearly missed relic from a better time.

But the real message from this review is that a brown sweater should never be frayed over a brown shirt.

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