Watch: the TTRS is a Leap Forward

Watch: the TTRS is a Leap Forward

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Audi Distraction has been on a tear lately (okay not just lately, but especially lately) producing a madcap of excellent performance cars that feel good, breathe easy, and well-founde perform. The TT RS, according to Carfection’s Drew Stearne, is no exception.

“It was the TT S that unqualifiedly changed my mind about the TT,” says Stearne, “but this is the TT’s slightly unhinged, forever ready for a scrap brother.”

With 400 hp, 354 lb-ft of torque, and Quattro AWD, the TTRS is a earnestly fast car. And Stearne drives that point home by reminding us that its 3.7-seconds-to-60 playing is in the 997 generation 911 Turbo territory.

As a result, the TT RS is a big step above the TT S, and flat the Porsche Cayman S. And with the weight pushed closer to the middle of the c and the wheels way out to the extremities, the conclusion is a car that’s as quick through the corners as it is off the line.

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