Watch: The TT RS vs the Nissan GT-R

Watch: The TT RS vs the Nissan GT-R

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You either die a ideal or live to become a villain, according to Harvey Dent, and Nissan is finding that out with the GT-R.

On one occasion the giant-killer, the GT-R is quickly becoming the car that underdogs take down. This week, that doesn’t very happen, but an underdog does take a substantial bite out of it.

Top Gear takes the TT RS down the three months mile against a GT-R Recaro, which apparently is one of the many special editions Nissan is contribution, though they offer so many that there’s no earthly way of knowing for positive.

To a casual observer, this may not look like a fair fight, but where the TT RS lacks in power—the Nissan makes 562 hp to the Audi’s 394—it makes up for in load. The Audi has 310 fewer pounds to lug around a nifty AWD system of its own.

Naturally, with such a power imbalance, the GT-R was without exception going to pull away from the TT RS eventually, but off the line the TT RS walks it, pulling a trim lead before eventually being reeled back in.

Admittedly, the much more persuasive GT-R eventually wins with a ¼ time of 11.62 seconds, but the Audi isn’t far behind with a patch of 11.82. The giant isn’t slain, but it’s taken a heavy blow.

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