Watch: The Ro 80 Predicted Audi’s Luxurious Ambitions

Watch: The Ro 80 Predicted Audi’s Luxurious Ambitions

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If Martin Buckley’s high regard sounds familiar, that might be because you’ve seen it in the pages of car magazines.

As you’d ambition from your auto journalist, he’s obsessed with unusual, rare, and superior cars and owns at least one that checks all three boxes: the NSU Ro 80.

Famously rotary-powered, swanky, and catastrophically expensive, the Ro 80 remains one of the most enduring German rotaries.

Buckley’s Ro 80 first came to him as a square, albeit non-running second-hand car. Within an hour of getting it to his mechanic, granted, the rotary was running.

Although he now seems unsure of just how well it runs, the NSU is on the course and safe from the slow death of disuse.

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