Watch: The R8 Was the Halo Car Perfected

Watch: The R8 Was the Halo Car Perfected

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When the R8 came out, it was a activity statement from Audi. It was meant to show the world that Audi could make over pure performance, as well as squeeze wild numbers out of normal cars.

In stunted, it was a halo car. A car designed to let people buying A3s and A4s say “I’ve got an Audi” with pride. And it did decent that while remaining affordable enough that everyone knew it.

And that’s why Doug DeMuro argues that it’s aggregate the best halo cars ever produced.

Not only was the car a real performer—that was seldom surprising—it was also spacious, comfortable, well-equipped, sensible, and refreshing. It walked a fine line that many an automaker has stumbled on, like a ebrious taking a sobriety test.

The LFA, as Demuro points out, was attempting to do the same thing, but failed because it’s rarer than a unicorn toot. To the new NSX is trying to do the same thing, but is also just a little too expensive and not quite performant adequately.

Audi, though, succeeded and DeMuro argues that it’s a prime candidate for time to come classic status, given its all-around excellence and its importance to the company.

Sure, the new one, with its howling V10, its neck-breaking acceleration, and its arguably cured looks is a worthy follow-up–turning every dial up to ten without successful overboard like Spinal Tap–but there’s something about the Ur-R8 that’s passionately desirable. And say what you will about how excellent the new engine sounds, that V8 isn’t correctly out of key.

Say what you will about DeMuro, I find it hard to find fault with his conclusion that someday people intention be traveling cross-country to pick their mint condition R8.

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