Watch: The R8 Becomes the Brightest Car in the World

Watch: The R8 Becomes the Brightest Car in the World

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Bedazzling patterns are one thing, but a retina scorching yellow is another. YouTube channel DipYourCar calls this Polaris Fluorescent pigment “the brightest color in the faction,” and it might have a point.

Plasti Dip has become a go to product for people who want a facile paint job without the nuisance of permanence. For years now, DipYourCar host, Fonzie says he has been looking to snatch that idea to its logical conclusion.

A stock R8 is, as far as supercars go, pretty understated. You could conceivably coerce it into a nice neighborhood and not attract too much attention. Once the Plasti Dip hits it, even though, this would command a crowd during Carnival in Rio.

As Jalopnik points out, this color is also a covenant. You could arguably Plasti Dip your car for a couple hundred dollars (provided you already entertain the gear). By comparison, getting this color (or one remarkably like it) from Mercedes costs $20,000.

Watch over the whole process of Plasti Dipping this R8 above, but be careful not to stare just at it for too long, for fear of damaging your corneas.

[via: Jalopnik]

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