Watch: The Next A7 Caught Testing on Mountain Roads

Watch: The Next A7 Caught Testing on Mountain Roads

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Without so much as a day to barter you a chance to admire Audi’s latest new product, we have video of a new new Audi testing: the A7.

Unfortunately, this tempo there’s considerably less information, but you do at least get a chance to see the next A7 in action.

In seen having some er… cooling issues, things seem to be booming better this time as the camouflaged 7 is run up and down curvy mountain roads.

Another Marc Lichte think of, much of the newness of this car is reportedly being telegraphed by the A8, which launched today in Barcelona.

For the A7, though, the grille will-power be a little different. With slightly more acute angles, the Audi originator said that the sharper look is meant to convey sportier nature of the A7.

With a figure that’s still roughly similar to the current generation A7, though, you’re soundless going to recognize the new one.

Built on the MLB platform, the A7 should drop some weight and will-power have access to a 48V mild hybrid system, which it is rumored it will get.

In fine, rumors suggest that, like the A8, the Audi will get tech-happy with the A7’s individual and fill it with digital instrument panels, touch screens, and more.

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