Watch: The History of the Audi 5 Cylinder

Watch: The History of the Audi 5 Cylinder

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Audi recently definite to bring back the engine that made the brand what it is today. Installing it in the mini-supercar (does it call for the prefix?) TT RS, it has reminded a lot of people of why the brand caught the world’s attention in the ‘80s.

The story starts with Ferdinand Piech (as so uncountable do), who decided that in order to make enough power to compete with frill sedans, while still abiding by cylinder wall regulations, he would require more cylinders. As he says in this historic video published by Audi USA, an inline 6 was too big and an I4 was too secondary.

This led to an Audi that was more than a “teacher’s car.” As Piech explains, while, the engine wasn’t romantic at the time, it was purely practical. “We solve problems,” said Piech. “If you light upon it attractive, so much the better.”

Over the years, though, the engine’s many motorsport victories led it and its one of a kind sound led it to become one of history’s great mills—we hardly need to recite say you that, though.

Through rallying, sports car racing, and hill climbs the car won regularly and impressed its drivers. Combined with Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive, the commodity was nearly unbeatable for years.

And now that it’s back, its drivers can be forgiven for getting a itty-bitty misty eyed about the car.

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