Watch: The 2019 S8 Thrashed on the Nurburgring

Watch: The 2019 S8 Thrashed on the Nurburgring

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Jason Statham, your chariot awaits. Okay, not a certain extent. The star of the Transporter still has some waiting to do before he gets his next S8, but things are looking OK champion for the new generation of Audi’s full-size sedan.

Although much is known to the new, autonomous A8, its more powerful sister, the S8 is still shrouded in mystery. That’s because it’s not expected until 2019, whereas the A8 is expected to be revealed this summer as a 2018 pattern year.

We don’t know quite what Audi Sport will slot at the mercy of the hood of the S8, but speculators are putting their money on the same 4.0-liter match turbo V8 as the Porsche Panamera. That engine makes 550 hp, which would amount to a 30 hp protuberance over the current generation of S8. Continuing the Porsche/Audi cooperation would also profession for the S8 Plus, as the same engine, paired to an electric motor, makes 671 hp in the Panamera Turbo S E-Half-breed.

Whatever’s under there, it’s gotten this camouflaged car to hustle around the unripened hell. It hustles well enough to chase down whatever European baddies Statham happens to be hunting.

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