Watch: Lapping the Audi RS3 LMS at the Nurburgring

Watch: Lapping the Audi RS3 LMS at the Nurburgring

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The RS3 LMS has been alluring races around the world including, recently, taking the Pirelli World Brave championship title. So what’s it like to drive? Great, obviously.

Bridge to Gantry took the RS3 LMS out for wont laps at the Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit and the result is surprisingly slidey.

That was to be expected confirmed the poor weather conditions, but going through the first hairpin, the driver has to suspend on tight to hold the back end with a fistful of opposite lock.

The experience is surprisingly aural, too. A course car, with its lack of insulation, was always going to be loud, but the sounds are weird and ring you like a space ship’s in a sci-fi movie.

After just a couple of laps, the driver is quick an M4 GTC and giving his team the thumbs up along the pit wall.

Doesn’t it just want to exhort you give it all up and buy a race car?

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