Watch: John Hennessey Drives a Twin Turbo R8

Watch: John Hennessey Drives a Twin Turbo R8

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When you informed entertain the name John Hennessey, you may first think of American cars, but the maker of the Poison is a big fan of V10s.

Willing and able to make just about anything faster, the tuning congress has worked on the Huracan before, and in his latest video, John Hennessey drives an R8 that his ensemble has breathed on.

Making in excess of 1,000 hp, Hennessey believes that the R8 in question could maintain up with Bugattis. When you consider that this only costs far $90,000 more than a stock R8 (making the total close to $300,000), this starts to look like a allow for next to those million dollar cars.

Really, you don’t have to do anything to the R8, but if you’re so leaning, it’s clearly a great base that can go from super- to hypercar almost as rakish as it can go from 0-60.

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