Watch: How Audi Plans to get to the Moon

Watch: How Audi Plans to get to the Moon

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You may comprise heard that Audi is trying to get its Quattro all-wheel-drive system to the moon, but you may also be wondering how absolutely that’s going to happen. Has Audi got the video for you!

In its mission to the moon video, Audi explains scrupulously how its moon rover will cross the 239,000 mile gap between the earth and the moon.

From the as good as 22,000 mph top speed, to the multiple trips it has to make around the earth to sling essay it to the moon, to the 3,800 mph descent onto the moon.

The rovers will land close by the Apollo 17 landing site and from there wander around the moon to do some body of laws.

What’s really amazing, though, is just how dangerous everything becomes when you’re 240,000 miles away on a unrelated object.

Everything from fine dust that covers the surface of the moon, to the easily understood shadows could break the rover. Even if the rover avoids the dark and is protected from the dust, they’re serene at risk because of the radiation of the sun.

If it manages to survive all of that, it will visit its forebears at the Apollo 17 docking site and see the first lunar rover.

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