Watch: Hnnnnnngh Driving an RS4 Avant up a Hill

Watch: Hnnnnnngh Driving an RS4 Avant up a Hill

0 comments 📅03 February 2018, 01:45

I animosity them I hate them I hate them I hate them! Stupid Europe and its br beautiful switchback roads on which Audi RS4 Avants can drive.

We’ve seen the reviews (fair), we’ve seen the way it looks (great), and now we get to see how it looks to drive thanks to a gopro video from AutoTopNL (gahfljkhlkejrhfa!)

Separately from being a stupid, jealousy-inducing video, it’s also great. It doesn’t decay your time with mindless patter and it puts RS4 Avant exactly where you’d like it: on a winding entr, on a grey day.

Loads of power to get you up a hill, loads of traction to keep you on the road, and loads of trainload space so that you can actually carry stuff up the hill.

Excuse me while I mope.

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