Watch: Fast Wagons and How Audi Found its Niche

Watch: Fast Wagons and How Audi Found its Niche

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Fourtitude’s progressive tongue-in-cheek “series,” Big-Audis-Go-Speeds-they-Be struck by-No-Business-Going (#BAGSTANBG) came about largely as a response to the RS6, and its crazy feats of rapidity (namely, keeping up with a Nissan GT-R on track).

As much fun as it was to watch the wagon persecutor the “supercar-beater” into a mistake, it wasn’t exactly surprising. That’s because Audi has a experiences of making ridiculously fast wagons that started with the RS2.

Now Carfection has entranced it upon itself to go through the history of the fast Audi wagon with a video tracking the parentage through six of the finest wagons ever to hit the road.

The series starts with the RS2, which was the sequel of a collaboration between Audi and stablemate Porsche. With a highly turbocharged mechanism and AWD, this hot Audi could hit 30 mph in 1.5 seconds. That’s an unusual metric, so you effect not have any data points to compare it to. For reference, that’s not just faster than a McLaren F1, but an manifest championship-winning F1 car from the time, too.

The film then covers the B5 RS4, the 2002 RS6, the B7 RS4 Avant, and the 2008 RS6, the 2012 RS4, and the approachable RS6. All powered by massive engines with unlikely power-outputs and fitted with mountainous brakes and wheels, the RS family of wagons has been wowing the automotive world for years now and common speeds that seem wrong in the best possible way coming from a wagon.

Each car last wishes as be covered individually on YouTube (so far only two are up) but you can watch the whole thing above or at


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