Watch: Do You Test an R8, or Does it Test You?

Watch: Do You Test an R8, or Does it Test You?

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Audi Entertainment has just released its latest ad and it puts its cars right where they be the property: on the track.

The ad once again compares the Audis to wild beasts, continuing in the institution of the S5 Monster ad and the S5 Sportback’s Secretariat ad.

This time, though, Audi Sport is in point of fact challenging you to keep up with its cars. Featured here are the the RS5, the RS3, the TT RS, R8 V10, and the R8 V10 Spyder.

“Can you fondle 610 horses all at once?” asks the ad’s only human character. “Keep it together when you’re flying the after a long time of a football field in a pair of sweet, fleeting seconds? Withstand the Gs of a high velocity hairpin refashion hitting you straight in the gut? ‘Cause you’re gonna be asked those questions.”

Audi ends by asking if you in reality are up for the challenge, because, according to the ad, “you aren’t testing these cars, they’re testing you.”

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