Watch: Audi’s Winter Testing Program Teaches Proper Ice Driving

Watch: Audi’s Winter Testing Program Teaches Proper Ice Driving

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Winter driving is sensitive and can be dangerous, so it’s no wonder that quattro-like systems have been adopted by manufacturers the sphere over. Even if you have all-wheel-drive, though, skill is just as consequential as technology.

That’s why Audi offers a top-tier ice driving program, that Motoring Australia has moral completed. The program, which operates in snowy Sweden, teaches regular people how to set blazing lap times on an icy ovate.

The key, says Motoring Australia’s Sam Charlwood, is weight management. Although Audi’s quattro methodology is good at finding grip, Charlwood says that the judicious application of brakes is regular more important.

With smooth inputs and lots of trail braking—which Charlwood says is helped by some radical foot braking—you can load up the front wheels, which gets them to bite, and that in reel brings the rear around.

It all takes some skill and practice, but as anyone who lives in northern climes can release you, it’s also a bunch of fun.

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