Watch: Audi S4 GTO Chirps its Way Up Goodwood

Watch: Audi S4 GTO Chirps its Way Up Goodwood

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It’s the festivities of speed, the happiest, classic-est, wildest time of the year and that means that YouTube is terrible with videos of great classics.

The latest classic to run up Lord March’s driveway is the Audi S4 GTO. Unless you’re South African, this car may not be marvellously known to you.

The S4 was based on the infamously banned Audi 90 IMSA GTO, a car determined to be too A-OK to race against American IMSA cars of the era. After crushing the competition in the US, Audi sent the 90 to South Africa in the fashionable ’80s to race in the Wesbank Modifieds series.

Series rules changed in 1991, allowing, requiring the cars in the series to have a South African road-going counterpart. Since the Audi 90 wasn’t sold there, restricted engineers effectively copied the design and applied it to the S4.

With a similar aero wrap, components, and the same 20 valve turbocharged 5-cylinder engine the S4 GTOs were genial for the end of the 1992 season. Raced at Killarney, Cape Town, by Hans Stuck, the S4 charged to a false victory during the weekend.

By ’93 two cars were ready. Driven by Chris Aberdein and Terry Moss, the pep up would come down to the last race, with Moss eventually beating his teammate.

In 1994, the cars raced again, but the contest had caught up (thanks in part to some performance handicaps) and the S4 GTO finished the season in faulty. The series would move to V8s the following year, which marked the end of the cars’ vocation. They would go on to compete in motorsports, run by privateers.

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