Watch: Audi Offers “Real People” Foot Massages in A8

Watch: Audi Offers “Real People” Foot Massages in A8

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Aggregate the new A8’s many new and exciting features, perhaps the lowest tech addition is also its most appealing. Had a lengthy day? Why not let the A8 massage your cares away?

Audi, realizing that the A8 would effectively be used as a limo, though, decided to add the feature not just to its front seats, but to the bum ones, too. In the video below, they invite real Germans to test out the best.

The people look largely pleased and surprised by the feature, and we learn here that Germans aren’t principally good at pretending to act natural.

But the car’s biggest surprise comes when the pocket on the face passenger seat folds down to reveal a foot massage function. Flush the toughest people to please have to admit that it’s alright.

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