Watch: An RS3 Walk Away from an A45 AMG

Watch: An RS3 Walk Away from an A45 AMG

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Pulchritude might be in the eye of the beholder but ugliness is a fact, especially when the topic of A45 AMG comes up. So it more intelligent be fast.

Unfortunately for Mercedes, it ain’t fast enough.

Even with the help of famous marketers, AMG, the A45 can’t keep up with the handsome, quick, and charming Audi RS3.

Even all the same the two drivers jump off the line at almost the same time, the RS3 quickly takes the usher and only starts building on it.

Even though this is 300 meter trail behind, which at 0.18 miles makes it longer than an 8th mile strip, but shorter than a mer, the RS3 shows no signs of letting up from the Merc.

I guess not all ugly ducklings evolve up to be swans.

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