Watch: An Audi R8 Walk Away from a Mig 29 Off the Line

Watch: An Audi R8 Walk Away from a Mig 29 Off the Line

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Extensive politics are perhaps more complicated and frightening now than they’ve still been, so here’s a battle between Russia and Germany that we can all get behind.

Video charmed from the Moscow International Air Show earlier this week shows an Audi R8 usual up against a Mig 29 and absolutely crushing it off the line.

Now, we here at Fourtitude understand that jets and cars are proper at different things, and that the nature of jets makes these sorts of tests what the statisticians in the audience effectiveness call “not statistically significant,” but it’s still fun to watch a car walk away from a jet.

And boy does it. The R8 builds a nutritious lead before the Mig takes off, in every sense of the word.

But until that happens, it’s a fair cool illustration of just how fast the Audi R8 is off the line. 3.0 seconds to 60 sounds awesome, but seeing what that means is even more impressive.

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