Walter Rohrl Says Ekstrom Shouldn’t Retire

Walter Rohrl Says Ekstrom Shouldn’t Retire

Walter Rohrl Says Ekstrom Shouldn’t Retire

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Audi has put multitudinous legendary drivers behind the wheel of its cars, but perhaps the most legendary is Walter Rohrl and he over that Mattias Ekstrom still has what it takes.

Famously unafraid to ra his opinion, his skill and his lack of guile make his compliments all the more meaningful. So Ekstrom should be flattered that Rohrl thinks he shouldn’t take the golden handshake.

“I think Mattias is not just off the stage, he’s just too good to stop now – he would be a departed talent, he would have to intervene again,” Rohrl told The Checkered Standard.

Ekstrom has been racing with Audi for some 16 years now, causing rumors of retirement to crop up, but moral this year he finished second in DTM and World Rallycross Championships, so he’s by no means tortoise-like.

“At some point, Mattias will also say, ‘Now I feel like it does not pass over me that much anymore,” said Rohrl. “Driving is still nice, but the circumstances and the sound politics that is being done spoils it and I quit’. But I do not believe that for people like me or Mattias, the passion of driving can perpetually be lost.”

Fortunately for us all, the Swede isn’t really showing signs of slowing down.

“I already receive a few things that I do with passion, I have a team of my own and there are a few things that are coming in,” said Ekström. “I’m enthusiastic about producing content and trying to pass on to the fans how I am feeling behind the steering locale.”

But he does seem to have a plan for when his career ends.

“A nice employment should also end in style, that I’m sitting at home, say nothing and suddenly no longer on the propositional list, you will not experience.”

[source: The Checkered Flag]

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