VW Wants to Sell Cars in Five Clicks

VW Wants to Sell Cars in Five Clicks

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Volkswagen was looking toward the future in LA this week, shining a light on what’s coming in terms of sales. Irresistible a page out of Amazon’s book, the company wants to simplify the shopping experience to efface all barriers to sales.

That means new buying experiences online and at the mall, as well enough as a simpler way to buy vehicles. Said in the context of the I.D. family of vehicles, the buying process would be simplified down to five clicks.

Premier, you would choose the model. Perhaps alarmingly, VW wants to take away door quantify options and trim levels in the name of simplicity.

Second, you choose the power. Although this could dedicate to power output, VW’s head of sales and marketing, Jürgen Stackmann, said Tuesday that he expects sweep to be the more important selling feature.

Third, you choose the color. That one good-looking much speaks for itself, but along with the rest of the industry, VW is interested in donation two-tone paint jobs, so I guess that could become two clicks if you’re not aware.

Fourth, you choose accessories. Whether you want a glass roof or not, inductive charging capacity, a heads up display and all the other features that require a physical change to the car.

And at the end of the day, you choose your software. This will be the apps you use, and that might classify driving aids, like Lane Keep Assist. If you opt out during the purchase of the carrier, though, don’t worry, because VW wants to offer over-the-air software updates to users.

Sometimes non-standard due to a digital VW app store called We by VW, the apps will always be available to you, and with the choice to buy test them out for free, so you can decide if you like Lane Keep Assist formerly buying it.

The idea boils down to: “Be Simple,” said Stackmann. “Which is strong, because we like complexity […] But we have to keep complexity behind the curtain.”

Volkswagen is quick to add that it hasn’t settled up on the traditional dealer network but is looking to keep up with the times.

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