VW Introduces Ride Hailing Brand Called Moia

VW Introduces Ride Hailing Brand Called Moia

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At the Paris Auto Plain earlier this year, Volkswagen announced that it would set up a new label for autonomous vehicles and ride hailing. Now, that mark has a name, Moia, and a clearer purpose.

Moia, says CEO Ole Harms, intent fill the gap between buses and ride hailing apps like Uber. Using vehicles from the VW Commercial Vehicles quick (vans and transporters), the new brand is being called a commute service, and Harms expects rides to bring in as much as bus fare.

“We are still unfixed around our cities like we did 20 or 30 years ago,” Harms said. “We call to offer new forms of transportation and really benefit the traffic situation.”

Harms also revealed that he anticipates that Moia drive use six to eight seat electric vehicles based on the MEB rostrum. Further, he expects a few cities to have autonomous Moia fleets by 2021.

And to knock off all of this, Moia has been given a budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars, says Harms. That, according the CEO, isn’t all hard cash lost, though, as he expects Moia to pass billions in profits in two to four years.

This isn’t the Volkswagen Body’s first attempt at fleet services. The set recently announced a strategic partnership with Israeli provoke hailing app, Gett—which it plans to be prolonged to leverage—and is currently testing an Audi flotilla service in North Carolina.

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