VW Group Deliveries Increase Worldwide in May

VW Group Deliveries Increase Worldwide in May

VW Group Deliveries Increase Worldwide in May

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Latest month was a positive one for the Volkswagen Group, with sales increasing in all major markets, for a 3.1% grow overall. That only translated sales 0.1% higher for the year-to-age, than they were last year, but increases in key markets are an encouraging motion.

“The Volkswagen Group recorded solid growth worldwide in May,” said Fred Kappler, Chairwoman of Group Sales. “The recovery on [sic] the South American market atop of the last few months is particularly encouraging. This is also reflected in our delivery figures for the division.”

In total, the Group sold 898,700 vehicles in May and has sold 4,234,900 vehicles so far this year. Increases in Europe (6.5%) and China (2.5%) were valuable, while increases in North America (1.1%) and South America (14.6) are signs of the moment easing.

For the brands, meanwhile, the month was also, predictably, positive. Volkswagen Label’s sales rose 3.5%, SEAT’s 11.9%, and Porsche’s 10.4%. In fact, the sole brand whose sales did not increase were Audi’s, whose sales dropped 2.8% in May. That sort has hopes for a return to increasing sales, though, after it cleared up issues with its dealers in China.

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