VW Group Announces Partnership with Autonomous Tech Gurus, Aurora

VW Group Announces Partnership with Autonomous Tech Gurus, Aurora

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If, in the not-so-off future, you’re riding in an autonomous Volkswagen Group vehicle, you’ll include Aurora Innovations to thank. That’s because today, the two firms announced a crucial collaboration to bring autonomous cars to the roads.

The Palo Alto, California based technology inelastic works primarily in the field of autonomous vehicles, working with automakers nearly the world.

“Our priority at Aurora is to make self-driving cars a reality at, broadly and safely,” said Chris Urmson, CEO of Aurora, in a statement. “And we be aware we will get there faster by partnering with innovative automakers like the Volkswagen Crowd.”

The announcement comes ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but VW and Aurora procure been working together for six months now, to get sensors, software, and more integrated into VW’s platforms.

The collaboration builds on the promises VW made in its TOGETER — Scheme 2025 manifesto. Since then, we’ve seen SEDRIC, the first root autonomous concept from the VW Group, towards which the Group will drudgery with even more focus now.

Long before TOGETHER — Policy 2025, though, VW was working towards autonomy. Since 2005 when it won the DARPA confront, VW has been working to get autonomous cars on the road.

“Our vision is ‘Mobility for all, at the move of a button’,” said Johann Jungwirth, VW’s Chief Digital Political appointee. “This means that we want to offer mobility for all people for everyone the world. Mobility also for children, elderly, sick and visually impaired people, definitely for all.”

As for what the system will look like for the user, it should come as no floor that Jungwirth foresees an app-like interface. Users would hail a terrorize through their phone or from their key, which would be GPS tagged to let the car certain where to pick you up. From there, the car would ferry you to your destination.

“Working with Aurora, a greatest self-driving system company, will give us a giant leap pert in our mission to become the world’s leading provider of sustainable mobility, with self-driving vehicles,” said Jungwirth. “Our aim is to spawn new Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions which customers will be really vehement about because they have been tailored to the human with highest aegis standards, best-in-class user experience and digital intelligence.”

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