VW Agrees to Buy Back Some German Diesels

VW Agrees to Buy Back Some German Diesels

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Up until today, VW has had a steady policy of not buying back European cars equipped with cheating TDI engines. That changed today as the assemblage decided not to appeal decisions made in courts in Arnsberg and Bayern, Germany.

The rulings, that VW sine qua non buy back the TDIs, is now legally binding as VW waived its right appeal.

According to the automaker, these two court cases and the purpose not to appeal them is exceptional, because of how small the value of the two cars is.

Volkswagen doesn’t look for these two rulings to have any bearing on other cases in Europe.

While VW inclination pay billions in America to buy back cheating diesels, VW has long argued that differences in emissions bye-law meant that the cars were only illegal in America. It, therefore, argued that buying aid vehicles in Europe, where many more TDIs were purchased, was supererogatory.

The automaker has faced criticism in Europe for that position, but an American style conduct oneself treat would be many times more expensive on the continent because of the volume of TDIs on the method.

Instead, VW is fixing diesels in Europe to keep them from emitting pollutants in quantities greater than are allowed.

[source: Reuters]

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