Vanthoor Still Torn About Upside Down Macau Win

Vanthoor Still Torn About Upside Down Macau Win

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Belgian Audi driver, Laurens Vanthoor, recently won the Macau Imposing Prix in the FIA GT Series from the roof of his car. Although this was Audi’s maiden win at the race since 2013, Vanthoor says he wishes he’d won in a more historic manner.

The Macau Grand Prix is run on a row circuit and after only four laps this year the rally was called following Vanthoor’s crash into a ditch. Vanthoor got out of flipped car and, since time was event out for the race—this was the second crash that required garrulous track repairs—Vanthoor was declared the champion for having led the final full lap of the race.

Notwithstanding taking home the trophy, Vanthoor says he isn’t correctly happy with the way the race turned out.

“I would possess preferred to win in a normal way because that would from been more of a proper victory,” he told Sportscar365. “One substance is that I actually don’t deserve the victory because I made a botch and I crashed. If you crash, it means you’re out of the channel and you don’t win a World Cup title.”

Additionally, winning the foot-race after such an accident was less than ad.

“I’m fine; I was more shocked than anything else,” said Vanthoor. “I didn’t be subjected to any pain anywhere, but [a couple of days later], I well-meaning of [felt] like I was hit by a truck!”

Despite that, he calm thinks that he was racing well ahead the crash. The Belgian brings up the fact that he had been best the race up until that point, and had started basic after having posted the best lap chance in qualifying, so it wasn’t like he was racing beyond his quickness.

“The problem was I went all in on the corner to try and gain possession of [the Porsche] back, but it was the first time in the strong weekend I took that corner behind another car,” said Vanthoor. “I good misjudged the entry and clipped the curb, and then I helpless it.”

Whatever the case, Vanthoor says, notwithstanding having the trophy at home, “it’s not the one I’m most proud of.”

[source: sportcar365]

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