Three Stranded BMWs Get Shown Up by Audi

Three Stranded BMWs Get Shown Up by Audi

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Recall that time Audi and BMW were going back and forth with billboards nearly chess? Audi wants to restart the beef.

That’s right, Audi has, as the youthful folk say, thrown shade at BMW with a choice clip from the news.

The referenced clip (below) shows a trinity of BMWs stuck on a flooded street in Burbank, California. Just when you over the Bavarians’ luck couldn’t get any worse, an Audi A6 drives by to throw salt in the injury.

The heavy water’s actually really deep, and gets even deeper when the A6 drives via the wake of a passing SUV. Water sloshes over the hood, and given that this A6 isn’t equipped with a snorkel (well-advised b wealthier to have something and not need it, folks) this probably wasn’t the wisest steadfastness this A6 owner has ever made.

All the same, though, he makes it through. And if doing speechless things to show up your rival is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

[source: Jalopnik]

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