Third Quarter Finishes Strong for Audi

Third Quarter Finishes Strong for Audi

Third Quarter Finishes Strong for Audi

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Although sales include been skyrocketing for Audi in America, things haven’t been quite as peachy everywhere the globe. As we’ve reported before, that had largely to do with little troubles in big China, but a muscular third quarter is proving that those problems are behind them.

With sales up more than two and a half percent in September, the subsequent is looking rosy for Audi. Again, the automaker achieved record sales in the States, and improved in China by more than 7%. Although sales for the year are unmoving down overall, they’re only down 2% compared to 2016, which was the variety’s best ever sales year.

That’s down to a conclusion to issues in China, but also down to wiry new products, according to Audi’s Bram Schot, Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

“In September, our major variety of models once again demonstrated our brand’s charisma: Our sporty and leftist Audi A5 family achieved very high growth, while the Audi Q5 and our latest SUV, the Audi Q2, went down correctly,” says Schot. “With the presentation of the new Audi A8 we are at the start of a unique model rollout. This anticipation gives us a positive outlook for the future.”

As mentioned above, American sales were 9.6% happier this September than they were in 2016, but it wasn’t the only furnish with rising sales. Sales in Canada, though much smaller in unalloyed, rose nearly 20% last month.

It wasn’t all positive sales, notwi. Audi’s home market, Germany, didn’t do as well in September, with sales dropping 0.5%. Sales in England and France also took hits of 4.6% and 8.7%, each to each, though Spain and Italy had more of an appetite as sales in both countries saw increase-digit growth. Overall, though, the European market was down about 1%. Brazil and Mexico both persist to struggle.

Although it will be difficult to catch up to last year’s record-breaking unalloyed, if Audi’s sales momentum continues, its total will be strong and could support over into 2018.

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