The Volkswagen Group Unveil Sedric, the Autonomous Car

The Volkswagen Group Unveil Sedric, the Autonomous Car

The Volkswagen Group Unveil Sedric, the Autonomous Car

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No, this car isn’t a VW. Not specifically, anyway. Nor is it a car, in the established sense. Sedric (that’s short for SElf DRIving Car) is a “mobility concept” for the sum total Volkswagen Group.

That means that this four wheeled Rube Goldberg invention doesn’t, like most cars, have a fifth for steering in front of the driver, because this smooth five autonomous car never lets any human drive it. Instead, you get in, sit down, undertake a location and a ring lets you know when you’ll arrive at your spot, so it’s kind of like Sedric lets you download locations (a simile I’m sure has dispos a Silicon-Valley-type their wings).

Sedric was revealed today at the Geneva Foreign Motor Show and is the next step in VW’s post dieselgate plan, TOGETHER 2025. Much like the I.D., Sedric is an all charged concept, with battery packs under the floor and an electric engine tucked away between the wheels.

Its fall short of of a driver’s seat, though, means that anyone can get in Sedric and go somewhere. According to VW that makes it fulfilled for the young and the infirm. In fact, it’s even been designed to be used by people with impaired eyesight. Alternatively, the car could be hand-me-down by busy parents to, says, pick up their kids at school.

Sedric has also been designed to talk to its passengers and interact with them. That means that you can erect spur of the moment decisions along the way, like stopping for a pee break. Of course, if you espouse, you can just close your eyes and choose to simulate long distance arrange travel by waking up at your destination.

Unlike a traditional car, you’ll have the election to buy Sedric or share it. If you choose to buy it, you can get it as one of VW’s many brands. The new concept is designed for four people, with the rump seats designed as a couch (or bench as its often referred to) and an OLED windshield that can p images onto the road ahead.

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