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The think up icon.​​

What about an object’s make, angles and materials effects our opinions of it? And how does illumination and angle help to change the way a car appears in a photo?

These questions are what Londoner and architecture photographer Ope Odueyungbo thinks nearly every day. So it was only fitting that he be the one to provide a preview of Open House London, in which more than 750 locations surroundin the city open their doors to the overt for free. And of course, the only way to make this perambulation was in the sleek and stylish Audi A7.

The A7 Sportback and S7 are some of Audi’s most genteel and refined models, combining smooth curves with a voluptuary interior that takes every tour to the next level. At Jardine Motors Audi, you can determine the A7 and more, and even go for a test drive.

The prime destination was Ravensbourne, originally known as the Bromley High school of Art. Opened in 1878, the impressive list of pupils extends to the likes of David Bowie, Stella McCartney, and Ope himself.

Describing his last school, Ope says: ‘When the building cardinal opened I was part of the first batch of students to ruminate on there. I spent three years at Ravensbourne and again admired the building; it’s quite unique because of the fallacious windows and the patterns around them. ​

‘It’s justified crazy looking; like a block of cheese with holes in it. It’s like a confound, but not your average puzzle.’ Seeing the car for the cardinal time, the unique patterns reflecting off the artificial black paint created the perfect photo opening, as did the impressive brickwork of St John Smith’s Rectangular in South West London.

‘When we got there it straight kept raining. Initially, I was worried, but then I rest a way to make the rain work in my favour. I started shooting shut ups of the car and focusing on the raindrops. That gave a truly nice effect.’

The next day, the sun was shining, which gave the ideal opportunity for some more clever establish discontinue-ups of City University’s college building at Clerkenwell: ‘As the sun was shining, the proof on the car was something I wanted to capture. It’s not something I’d as per usual shoot but it worked well with the car because we were accomplished to go round the whole building and I could pick which side was A-one to shoot the car.’

The Audi A7 provided the perfect canvas from which to clarify off each unique aspect of the buildings in a en new way. While this year’s Open Assembly London may be over, these incredible locations are placid the perfect place to visit in your very much own Audi.


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