See the new Audi A8 early in Spider-Man: Homecoming

See the new Audi A8 early in Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Audi is affecting beyond being the primary car provider for Tony Stark in the Iron Man films, and is engaging a major role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Though product order is generally obnoxious, at least this placement will give car enthusiasts a lurk peek at the new Audi A8. The car is slated for a full debut on July 11, but Audi says the car appears in Spider-Man, which comes out much sooner on June 28. Though the car has yet to be fully revealed, we positive it will have a unique 48-volt electrical system and semi-autonomous driving technology. Audi says that some of that semi-autonomous technology last wishes as be on display in the film.

As cool as that may be, we’re concerned about other Audi emplacement in the film. Apparently an R8 convertible will reprise its role as Tony Stark’s circadian driver, which makes sense, but Peter Parker will be driving a TTS Roadster, which makes much less coherence. In case you weren’t aware, Peter Parker is a lower-middle class dear school student, so unless there’s a plot twist in which he comes into a lot of banknotes suddenly, a new TTS isn’t something we’d expect to see him drive. Audi doesn’t give much circumstances for the TTS’s appearance, so maybe the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man borrows (or joyrides in) the Audi at some core.


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