Rumor: Audi to Show V6 R8 in New York

Rumor: Audi to Show V6 R8 in New York

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We’ve wish heard rumors that Audi had aspirations of fitting the R8 with a forced-induction V6, but it looks like it muscle be more than just a plan now.

With numerous reports coming out hither exactly which V6 will propel the little R8, Australia’s Motoring reports that the V6 R8 (R6?) thinks premiere at the New York International Auto Show at the end of the month.

Now, Australia’s motoring cram is nothing if not enthusiastic. They’d call a glass with a drop in it half-replete, so this report should be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, the zizz of the motoring world decided simultaneously to write boring reports about the R8 V6 with diminutive in the way of new information all at once. So it does feel like there’s something in the air.

As you might demand, if Audi reveals a smaller-engined R8 at the end of the month, it will likely have use the selfsame V6 that powers the RS4, RS5, and Panamera, as we reported previously.

Making just 440 hp in the Porsche, it determination likely make more like 500 hp AND 500 ft-lbs of torque for duty in the R8, as we reported time past.

The V6 R8 would slot into the gap left by the discontinuation of the original V8 R8—everybody now—as we reported time past.

The idea of another R8 model squares with Audi Sport’s recent “more, more, more” directing and comments made by Peter Mertens suggest that the R8 has more tricks up its sleeve, so we indeed have high hopes for this rumor.

And although some may scoff at the replacement of the R8’s marquee column—it’s gloriously and naturally aspirated V10—a lighter engine with 500+ hp does, at least, tone intriguing, if not better.

Whatever the case, we’ll follow up on this rumor at the New York Auto Express.

[source: motoring]

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