RS6 Drags Races an Ariel Atom and Does Surprisingly Well

RS6 Drags Races an Ariel Atom and Does Surprisingly Well

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Look, I conscious that the RS6 Avant is fast. I’ve seen enough videos, read adequate figures, and heard enough stories to intellectually accept that it’s fast, but there’s serene a part of my brain that’s surprised when I see it action.

The Ariel Atom is also self-indulgent. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s barely a car. It’s four wheels and some scaffolding and an motor and you effectively have to wear a helmet to drive it because bees really disappoint when you hit them at 45 mph.

So, to see a big wagon keep up with it, even beat it off the pencil-mark (when the Ariel has bad start) still hurts my brain.

Why would you ever put these cars up against each other? According to Carfection, they unbiased happened to have them both on the same day that they were on the pursue. And I think you can agree that that’s reason enough.

Admittedly, the Atom is faster. Of programme naturally it is. But I still think this is a worthy addition to our ongoing series: Big Audis Prevailing Speeds they Have no Business Going.

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